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Southern California Sunset Images

I am particularly proud of my collection of Southern California Sunset Images.  Because I live in a location where I am fortunate enough to shoot Southern California Sunset Images almost nightly, I have quite a large library.


You just never know what you’ll see on any given evening in terms of color.  Every night is a blank canvas and a new work of art.  In my home, the television doesn’t come on until after the sun has set.   Who needs to see the news or latest sitcom when Mother Nature’s show is displayed in such a magnificent and vibrant way? So much better than anything High Definition television can reproduce. Even the stormy sunsets are beautiful when the ocean seems angry and turbulent.  During those moments, you might just see a few rays of light breaking through in beams on the surface of the sea.  It’s as if the heavens are looking down on us earthlings.


I think sunsets bring people peace.   Time stands still for a few brief moments, all the troubles of the world melt away and a sense of calm flows through you.  At least I know that’s what they do for me.  My Southern California Sunset Images are predominantly from the San Clemente area as this is where I reside, but I do like to capture them from other areas with different vantage points.  I actually find that often times, they’re at their most colorful and vibrant after the sun has actually dipped below the horizon.  Having some beautiful high clouds floating about is always a plus!  There is a reflective quality and the sun beams bounce off of them creating an amazing painting in the sky.  The winter produces some of the most gorgeous sunsets there are.  And in the warmer months, when the offshore winds filter through, I can capture the majestic Catalina and San Clemente Islands in full view.  I hope that you’ll take a few moments to enjoy these Southern California Sunset Images as much as I do.


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Southern California Sunset Images

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Welcome to Cat’s Blog!

Welcome to Images by Cat Gregory. Thank you for your interest in my photography.  My site is brand new and there’s a lot more work to be done.  I have hundreds of amazing images to add.  You will also have the opportunity to own your favorites which you can purchase right here, or feel free to enjoy just touring through. Please keep checking back. Also, check back here for posts featuring special images/video and the stories behind them.

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